Senior Airfreight Import Controller - JHB  Available Immediately 

Salary Requirement: R22,000 CTC

20 years’ experience with a very stable track record – this individual is a seasoned Controller and believes in team work and sharing her knowledge and skills.  Contact Lana to arrange for the CV if this is what your department needs.

Airfreight Controller - JHB
Salary Requirement: R30,000 CTC

Looking for a mature, reliable individual to join your team? Currently working for a blue-chip company (as well as having smaller agency experience), this candidate has 12 years’ experience within the industry – specifically handling airfreight imports / exports with experience in ocean freight imports / exports shipments. To secure an interview with this candidate, kindly request click interested.


Seafreight Forwarding Controller - JHB

Salary Requirement: R15,000 CTC

In some cases the character and attitude outweighs the experience – such is the case with this candidate.  He has a great personality with a great sense of willingness to assist where possible.  In his 4 years in the industry he has only worked for one highly reputable freight agent, in Seafreight Forwarding (post learnership).  We were able to obtain a reference from an ex-reporting manager, which spoke very highly of his attitude and work ethic.  If you require a junior for your team, click the link to request the CV.

Seafreight Controller - JHB North    Available Immediately 
Salary Requirement: R25,000 CTC

If you’re in search of someone with a friendly yet firm, “can do!” attitude to join your team, we have the candidate for you! This candidate has just over 10 years’ experience within the seafreight department, handling the full process (clearing, forwarding, estimates, invoicing, as well as framing of Customs entries) for import and export shipments.
For an opportunity for an introduction, click interested.

Seafreight Forwarding Controller - JHB    
Salary Requirement: R15,000 Gross Plus Benefits

With 7 years’ experience in working for one of the industry’s leading agencies, this individual is keen to move and build on his career.  Sea Forwarding (full process) as well as sea/air cross-trades experience, to set up an interview with this candidate, please click interested to request his cv.

Seafreight Imports and Exports Controller - JHB    
Salary Requirement: R21,000 Gross Plus Benefits

This candidate has 6 years’ seafreight experience with particular strength on imports as well as current exports experience.  Having worked for some blue-chip companies with strong internal training, she is well trained in full process imports and is especially aware of procedural correctness, ensuring minimal margin for errors. If your team requires such an asset, click the link to enquire further.

Seafreight Imports Controller - JHB    
Salary Requirement: R32,000 CTC

With 16 years’ experience in Imports forwarding and clearing and working for well recognised agencies in the industry, this individual is quality as far as Ocean Imports goes.  She has a stable track record and, given the right environment, would add stability and skill to your seafreight department.  Click interested to arrange an interview.

Senior Seafreight Export Controller - JHB    
Salary Requirement: R30,000 CTC

12 years’ experience with strength on seafreight as well as previous experience in airfreight, this individual is an export specialist with a preference in working for small to medium sized agents.  Cargowise/Compu-Clearing/Shipshape experienced – click interested to setup an interview.


Export Controller - JHB

Salary Requirement: R30,000 CTC 

With 9 years’ experience specialising in the full process - clearing, forwarding, invoicing, estimates (when required) - sea and air
exports, this candidate was rated highly in terms of his accuracy and reliability from his employment reference. This individual
is seeking a change of scenery as well as career growth. Request his cv now!


Overborder Controller – JHB

Salary Requirement: R22,000 CTC

With a FIATA Diploma in hand as well as current studies toward a B.Com Degree within the industry, this individual is growth-conscious and seeks to develop her multi-modal skills.  Her experience is overborder exports within well-known freight agents (9 years), and she has recently acquired customs entries skills (sea/air/road) – either role would suit her.  If your operations department could use an individual who understands customs clearance, click interested now to arrange for the CV.

Entry Clerks

Entry Clerk (Import Specialist) - PLZ

Salary Requirement: R20,000 CTC

Having 5 years’ experience in all-round entries (air, sea, road – imports & exports), this individual has kick-started her career on a good footing within a reputable C&F agent. Her reference emphasized on her accuracy, confidence and eager nature which has led to her quick progression within 5 years’. She is a humble, young individual and would add value to any
Customs department. Click interested  to confirm an interview with this candidate.


We have a number of management candidates available:

Operations Manager - JHB

Seafreight Manager - JHB

South Bound Cargo / Export Manager - JHB

Sales Manager - JHB

Client Manager - Africa Focus - JHB

Click interested if you would like to view a management CV


Sales Executive - DBN

Salary Requirement: R30,000 CTC

-14 Years sales experience in Clearing and Forwarding, and Airfreight Consolidation 

-Experience in Americas trade lane development

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